Winter/Snow tyres

There are basically three types of tyre when we are talking about our kingdom roads. One is summer tyre which is our normal tyres, second is the winter tyres and third is the all season tyres. Oakhamtyres stocks with all the three types and provide a huge range of these tyres as per your needs. We understand you and your vehicle’s needs. UK is known for its bitterly cold and unpredictable weather which has caused the public to wake up to the existence of the winter tyres. They actually work like a miracle on the snowy roads. Winter tyres are better than summer tyre when temperature is below than 7 degree. A car fitted with winter tyres tend to stop more speedily and less liable to skid.

Winter tyres are more precisely called “cold weather” tyres. They are made from a softer compound. They usually have a snow flake symbol on one of its side. They are designed to work on snowy roads covered with ice. They have a firm on the road. There tread compound and pattern is also different from that of summer tyres or the normal tyres. They are used in cold temperatures and winter weather. After several winters, you need to change your tyres.

You will notice and enjoy superior grip on your rides when driving on frost-bitten roads. It’s an exciting experience to drive your cars with winter tyres on them as you will prod the brake pad, you will notice your winter tyres handling your car. Their chunky tread patterns will show an excellent grip on the snow. One must split the winter and summer tyres separately. To work on snowy roads always go for the fitment of winter tyres from us. In normal conditions, summer tyres will be appropriate, this way one could save from the tear and wear of the tyres and can ensure the proper management of the vehicle.

Wearing winter tyres is a like blanket of relief. You feel like your vehicle is insured enough to beat the snowy circumstances. Once you go for the fitment of winter tyre from us, you will come to know how well they execute and what an alteration they make. Winter tyres have a fine block design with grooves that cut deep into the tyres to provide a strong grip. Rubber compound pattern is perfect for low temperatures and provide high friction recommended to work smoothly on roads. If you are confused with the type of winter tyre for your vehicle, our experts will guide you thoroughly about different winter tyres.