Summer Tyres

With season changing we need a change in our outfits, the same way our vehicle tyres requires to replace with the change in weather. For better security and safe driving, it is very essential to take care of the tyres on which significant part of our safety depends. Summer tyres are good to work in temperatures above 7°C. The receptiveness of the tyres while driving makes drive safe as it is required to be accurate on the sharp turns. The material compounds used in summer tyres are made of soft rubber, and design enables good grip and handling on enabling the better grip and handling on warm and wet roads in higher temperatures. The perfect tyre type not only helps in improved fuel efficiency but also offers great levels of longevity and support.

The technology we use aids in quicker breaks on wet and dry roads. Such technology is called Active Braking Technology. To give enhanced break handling, Oakhamtyres use D Bubble Blade™ Interlocking System. To derive excellent dry traction, the Ultra High-Performance Tread Compound is used. The summer is designed for city cars to Scorpion Verde tyre, for SUVs ensuring that it makes your drive comfortable and Pleasure. Every tyre is designed in a way to give a perfect control that every driver needs. Tyres designed to survive high temperatures while maintaining a high-level handling and responsiveness, with perfect cornering grip.

We work hard on tyres to give them improved speed and agility, Maximum road holding performance with fewer grooves for better traction of course as straighter grooves always remain in contact with the road giving more stability during cornering, braking and acceleration. The reason behind the great quality and performance of our tyres is the unique tread patterns we follow that help escape the water and resist hydroplaning.

So choosing the right type of the tyre is a very important part when it comes to weather changing and safety. Your vehicle's tyre needs to meet the recommended size, speed rating, speed rating, load capacity, as well as any other recommended specifications. At Oakhamtyres we do suggest and support the best tyres for your vehicle and your safety. Once you go for the fitment of summer tyre you will come to know how well they execute and what an alteration they make.