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Oakhamtyres provide 4x4 tyres that deal with superior driving performance, comfort, and dependability to a wide variety of vehicles including 4x4s, SUVs, CUVs. When buying them from us, you will be benefited with the excellent price. We are devoted to our customers and provide them with quality 4x4 tyres that are covered by complete creators' guarantees. They are specifically designed for SUV and Jeeps. The benefit of 4x4 tyres whether summer or winter tyres is that you can smoothly drive on the beaten track, on rocky or muddy roads, on sand dunes and snow also. Oakham’s 4x4 tyres allow you to endeavour on to all types of landscape with pleasure.

Our outlet has 4x4 tyres available in various sizes and types. We have specially designed them for SUVs or for the vehicle that is made to run on different and rough terrains. Using 4x4 tyres, allow you to enjoy superior traction even in thrilling environs and conditions. In such situations, it may become difficult for normal tyres to pass through such inclines. These tyres are best to provide grip in snow, ice and other adverse weather situations.

  • In the UK, the demand for 4x4 tyres has increased a lot in last few years. We have many different quality tyres. You will surely get the chance to choose from wide range of well-known tyre brands like
  • Nexen
  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Continental
  • Avon
  • Bridgestone and many more.

They are also designed to hold and carry increased loads. If you want tyres that feature strong grip, excellent grip and fineness on extreme terrains, 4x4 tyres will be the best option to go for. These tyres come with a rim protection structure to prevent damage.

Finally, it should be noted that 4x4 tyres cannot be fitted to on 4x4 cars because they are built inversely and have an exceptional edifice. For those motorists who are looking for a high-performance freeway terrain to complement their vehicles, we have a wide assortment to choose the best from. We commence to always offer the best possible 4x4 tyre endorsements to our customers. We are dedicated to providing quality 4x4 tyres, covered nationally by comprehensive manufacturers' warranties. Always feel free to have a word with our experts, if you have any query.