Tyre pressure

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It is believed that the majority of vehicles on the road does not carry the right tyre pressures. Keeping a regular check on the tyre not only keep you safe but also helps in saving your money. Oakhamtyres makes every effort to afford correct tyre size and tyre pressure information for our clienteles. Tyre pressure will vary from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Tyre air pressure is measured in either pressure per square inch (PSI) or BAR.

If our tyres are correctly and timely inflated with the correct and optimum tyre pressures you will be benefited by the following:

  • Life of the vehicle will be extended
  • Vehicle’s safety will be improved
  • Fuel efficiency will be maintained
  • Your running costs will also be reduced
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Will keep your car tyres in good shape

Customers should refer to their vehicle handbook for full tyre pressure details. First, ensure that your vehicle's tyre matches the data given in catalogue before going for inflation of your tyres. Correct tyre pressure is vital for your safety on the road. Under-inflated tyres can severely affect grip and handling which may lead to other vehicle breakdowns or difficulties. Also, the under-inflated tyres will be prone to more and quick wear and tear.

Optimal tyre pressures mean:

  • Increase safety on roads
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce emissions

What is the exact time to check the pressure?

  • Check the tyre pressure after every four weeks
  • Before going on holiday
  • If carrying more people or more baggage
  • Check pressures before the tyres get heated up during a long drive.
  • After replacement of your old tyres with the new ones.

We only use a quality pressure gauge. All tyres including spare tyre will be checked for correct pressure. Warm weather causes tyres to lose more pressure than in the winter so always check your tyre’s pressure more often in summers.

If in any doubt, please feel free to consult our helpful staff. We will check your pressure levels and make proper adjustments.