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Tyre labelling has become mandatory for all vehicles. Always check for tyre label when you shop tyres. The aim of tyre labelling is to increase the safety by promoting safe, fuel-efficient tyres with low rolling noise levels. Tyre labels are being introduced to let the buyers know what kind of a tyre they are buying. It also makes easy for them to compare different branded tyres. The labels will be presented in a standard format for all makes of tyre whether it’s a Pirelli, Bridgestone or any other branded tyre. The tyre label will apply to all tyres sold by Oakhamtyres. We provide clear Tyre labels on all your tyres. Our tyre labels will provide you with objective, reliable and comparable information about your new tyre purchase. Tyre labelling will provide you with independent which will make it easy for you to compare the tyres. Our experts are always here to guide you and to make the tyre label clear to you. The tyre label will focus on following three zones of performance.

Fuel Efficiency-Tyres are accountable for approximately 20% of a vehicle's fuel consumption. Less rolling resistance can help improve fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency is important to reduce CO2 emissions. Each tyre can be pigeon-holed for its fuel efficiency. Tyres are rated from A to G. vehicle with A grade is considered to be the most fuel efficient and tyre with grade G is considered as the least fuel efficient.

Gripit tells us how smoothly a tyre stops or tends to stop on a wet surface. A tyre should hold a firm grip on the roads. You will be able to know how efficiently a tyre will perform in wet braking by examining the label.

Noise emissions:Traffic noise is a major irritant. This relates to the external noise made by the tyre and is measured in dB (decibels). Tyre labels will have three different noise bands:

  • The more waves shown on the symbol, the noisier the tyre is.
  • One wave indicates the best performance.
  • Three black waves are the weakest performance.

Our primary aim of the tyre labelling standards is to promote quiet tyres, fuel efficient tyres. We will continue to offer you trusted advice when you are buying a tyre from us. Please contact us at 01572 722 599 or email us at sales@oakhamtyres.co.uk.