caravan and motorhome tyres

Oakham tyres stock the best caravan tyres available on the market today. There's a slight difference between regular tyres and caravan tyres. They work in a similar way too. Just like regular tyres, they also displace water, grit and any other bits of dirt you happen to encounter on your journey. Ensuring the safety of your caravan or motorhome tyres is just as important as ensuring the safety of your standard car tyres, especially before heading out on long journeys. Caravan tyres are no smaller, narrower or any different from regular tyres. But they will be forced to deal with a much greater load. So ensuring the right type of tyre for your caravan is a must. It is worth performing a regular check on all of your tyres for any cracking or crazing of the rubber. We recommend changing your caravan tyres a minimum of once every five years.

We provide you with Tyron bands which are a safety device attached to the wheel when a new tyre is fitted to your caravan. It allows the driver to continue driving after a puncture, which a driver often has to deal with while driving.

We have the best caravan tyres that add to the safety by preventing any damage to the wheel. We believe in giving our customers the best possible service and fit the right tyre to their caravan and motorhome.

It is crucial that tyres of the accurate portrayal are fitted to caravans and motorhomes. Overloading tyres are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all times to maximise the stability and safety of the car. Caravan and motorhome tyres are often grossly under-inflated and overloaded. Keeping tyres of the caravan correctly inflated ensures safety and an even wear rate leading to longer life of tyres. Under-inflated tyres place excess loads on the outer edges of the tyre which will cause the shoulders to wear more rapidly. Whereas Over-inflated tyres will experience higher wear rates in the centre of the tread. So tyres must be inflated properly.

Pressures should be checked and adjusted on regular basis when the tyres before every journey. Never reduce pressures when the tyres are warm. After checking the pressure, make sure that the valve is not leaking, and a valve cap is fitted to each tyre. Correct caravan and motorhome tyre pressure is associated with on-road weight and can vary. The only way to check the appropriate weight is to take the vehicle to a Certified Weighbridge

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