Calor Gas , Patio Gas , Camping Gaz , Propane , Butane.

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Oakham Tyres offer a full range of calor gas . We have been Calor gas agents for over 30 years. We are one of the biggest suppliers of Calor gas for your home, vehicles, barbecues, and camping. Our Calor gas cylinders are well-matched with many different outdoor appliances and can be used with a low pressure and high-pressure butane/propane regulators. Calor cylinders are available at our outlet. 

These days many cars are also using CalorAuto gas to run their vehicles at a cheaper cost. You can use these Calor gas bottles for heating up your central heating, gas powered stores, BBQs, portable heaters, etc. Our compact and conveniently sized gas bottles are perfect for home heating and gas cookers. If you've got a gas-powered barbecue in your garden, then our 13kg or 5kg leisure Patio gas cylinder is the perfect and reliable option. We have a full range of affordable gas cylinders that you can easily use in your offices and homes. We ensure that our customers, many of whom are living in rural communities get constant energy supply throughout winter at affordable prices. Calor gas bottles superb portability and convenience: it can be used in remote places where regular gas supplies are unavailable. Calor gas cylinders are also useful in  emergencies where supplies of electricity and gas get interrupted.