Locking Wheel Nut Removal Revolutionised!

Oakhamtyres lock wheel nut safely secures wheels on on-road and off-road. Our Lock wheel nut cannot slacken by itself if they are assembled properly in a right manner. We make your vehicle's wheels safe and secure and more productive too. We only supply Genuine Wheels Nuts.

We supply a large collection of nuts of BMW, VW/Volkswagen, etc. you can order them online also. As we have always had the stock available with us to dispatch on time. We have:

  • Abarth Locking Wheel Nut
  • Alfa Romeo Locking Wheel Nut
  • Aston Martin Locking Wheel Nut
  • Audi Locking Wheel Nut
  • BMW Locking Wheel Nut
  • Caravan Locking Wheel Nut
  • Chevrolet Locking Wheel Nut
  • Chrysler Locking Wheel Nut
  • Fiat Locking Wheel Nut
  • Ford Locking Wheel Nut
  • Honda Locking Wheel Nut
  • Hyundai Locking Wheel Nut
  • Infinity Locking Wheel Nut
  • Isuzu Locking Wheel Nut
  • JEEP Locking Wheel Nut
  • Land Rover Locking Wheel Nut
  • Mazda Locking Wheel Nut
  • Mercedes Locking Wheel Nut
  • Porsche Locking Wheel Nut
  • Skoda Locking Wheel Nut
  • Volkswagen Locking Wheel Nut (Key) and many more.

    Our each nut incorporates a pair of captivated washers with cam faces on one side and the opposite side there are radial teeth. Any rotation of the wheel nut is gridlocked by the wedge effect of the cam. There are three types of locking wheel nut and bolt available. The standard type is a simple bolt or nut with a keyed face. Most of the cars have fitment of these nuts to their wheels. We have the "shear head" locking that is commonly found on Citroen and Peugeot cars. These are designed to break by shearing off. And next, we have spinning collar nuts.

    Without a doubt, the most hassle free and cost effective way to remove these for the average car owner will be to purchase a new key from the dealer or go to the professionals to do so. Don’t try to fix them on your own unless you have the full knowledge so that you don’t result in any damage to your vehicle, wheel or yourself. For "spinning collar" wheel nuts and bolts like McGard, you need a removal tool that will bore into the centre of the wheel nut. These are far more expensive than the more standard type, but are "Universal" and will work on both standard and spinning collar wheel nuts.

    We advise you to come to us if dealing with any problem related to nuts and have a nice chat with our experts. Our professionals will grind out your wheel nuts and bolts.

    If you try to do this yourself, you may well end up with a tumble-down alloy wheelset. Please contact us at 01572 722 599 or email us at sales@oakhamtyres.co.uk.